Version History and Changes

10Apr2002 - Version 0.9.5

armidale will now handle Unix or Windows file separators on all supported platforms. Some users experienced problems when using UNIX file separators on Windows platforms. See Support Request 539113 at SourceForge for details.

The armidale browser is now called the armidaleLAUNCHER

The create(File file) method has been added to ImageFactory.

A Home application with links to the test applications has been added. The Home application can be accessed using the URL arm://

The armidaleIMAGE test application has been added. See the Demo Applications page for details.

The cursorType attribute has been added to the Component GUI object. This allows the programmer to specify the type of cursor displayed over GUI objects.

A wait cursor is now displayed over images while they are being downloaded from a server.

The architecture of Image and Label has been improved.

The getRoot() method has been added to the class. It returns the path to the root of the armidale filesystem.

Some error messages have been corrected/improved.

19Mar2002 - Version 0.9.4

First public release.