Demonstration Applications

Three demo applications are included with the armidale distribution. These applications are also normally available on the armidale server at the Australian National University. These applications can be accessed using the following URLs in the armidale launcher (they should be in the launcher bookmarks list after installation).


This is a very simple armidale application. When started, the following window should appear. If you click the button, an event will be sent to the server and recorded in the server log. You won't see any action at the client end!


This application is a demonstration of the GUI widgets supported by armidale. When started the following window should appear. The tabs at the top of the window can be used to show each of the demonstrated widgets. (NOTE: when connected over the internet, an empty frame will appear first followed some time later by all of the widgets. This delay is due to the number of images downloaded and will be significantly reduced the second time the applciation is run).


armidaleIMAGE is used to evaluate image handling performance. It is somewhat inflexible, but could form the basis of a more sophisticated image handling program. When started, armidaleIMAGE will open a window displaying thumbnail images as shown below. When the user clicks a thumbnail, a full image is displayed in a new window. armidaleIMAGE looks for images in the demos/armidaleIMAGES directory of the armidale filesystem. Thumbnail images are named THM*.JPG and full images are named AUT*.JPG (this is the naming convention used by Canon digital cameras).

Running the Demo applications locally

A features of the armidale system is that applications can be run on a standalone machine. That is, without a server. So, if the server is unavailable or you don't have internet access for some reason, the following command lines can be used to run the demo applications locally on your computer.

java -cp <install_dir>/jars/armidale.jar armidale.test.SimpleApp
java -cp <install_dir>/jars/armidale.jar armidale.test.guitest.Main
java -cp <install_dir>/jars/armidale.jar armidale.test.ArmidaleImage

Note that when you run armidaleIMAGE locally, it will open a window as described above, but will not display any thumbnail images because there are none installed in your local file system. To reduce the size of the user system, test images are only included with the developer system.