Screen Shots

The following screen shots were taken while running armidale on SuSE linux.

The armidale launcher

The armidale launcher is used to start applications running on remote armidale servers.

The armidale launcher provides facilities to manage application bookmarks.

Widget Test Application - armidale.test.guitest.Main

armidale.test.guitest.Main is an application used to test user interface widgets supported by the armidale system. The following screen shot shows a tabbed panel, menus, a tool bar, an edit box (on the toolbar) and a list box.

This screen shot shows a desktop widget that can be used to implement MDI applications.

Image Test Application - armidale.test.ArmidaleImage

armidale.test.ArmidaleImage is an application used to test the image handling performance of the armidale system.

KDE Desktop running the armidale launcher and applications

The following screen shot shows a KDE desktop running a number of simple armidale applications, including the armidale launcher at top left.